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Facilitating decision-making
Facilitating decision-making
Organizations have to deal with increasingly complex problems. And because "old keys won't open new doors" decision-makers now use multidisciplinary teams and highly collaborative processes to solve such problems. But there's one step they need to take before jumping into a solution - and that step is backward. They need to invest time upfront to frame (or reframe) a problem, so they can make more informed and effective decisions.

Learn how Which? has turned Problem Framing into a go-to process for stakeholder alignment and decision-making that is customer-focused.

Rick Lippiett, Head of Design and Drew Shapter, User Experience Design Lead will share their journey to accomplish this, as well as lessons learned, practical skills and best practices around these topics:

- Why Problem Framing?
- How does it work in practice?
- Problem Framing in decision-making
- How to scale Problem Framing?

Join us on September 28th at 6:00 PM CET to get some practical tips and tricks about problem framing and decision making.
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Rick Lippiett
Head of Design @Which?
Rick is the Head of Design at Which? and for the past eight years he has been shaping the ongoing digital transformation of the organization, re-positioning the well-known heritage brand into the digital space to reach new and more diverse audiences. A major part of that work has involved making sure the right product experiences are built the right way at Which? - solving key problems and shaping appropriate solutions.
Drew Shapter
User Experience Design Leadt @Which?
Drew is User Experience Design Lead at Which? where he takes care of the strategy and processes used to make sure that people and their problems are at the centre of the products they make. In his spare time he shares his knowledge and experience with MSc students on the User Experience Design programme at Kingston University.